Fr. Abram J. Ryan Division 1

2018 Hibernian Hero Awards

The Ancient Order of Hibernians have a long and storied history of protecting, serving, and aiding those in need. They have continuously served others from it’s humble start in Ireland to it’s beginnings in America. Today the AOH in Louisville supports local communities, those in need, and the City in General. In doing so the AOH also takes the time to honor those that also do so in accordance with the AOH motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. In this vain we now honor those that rush in when others run away, those that step into chaos as others retreat, and those that save others without regard to anything other than service and honor. We proudly present the Hibernian Hero Award yearly to the LMPD, Sheriff, LFD, and EMS person of the year. We honor the first responders that allow us to do what we do by being on call for all.

LMPD Officer Nicholas Rodman

Major Eric Johnson accepts the posthumous award for fallen hero Officer Nicholas Rodman.

Louisville Metro Police Officer Nick Rodman died Wednesday, March 29th 2017, less than a day after he was hit by a fleeing suspect speeding down the streets of the Portland neighborhood. Officer Rodman is the second officer in the department’s history killed in the line of duty. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 6th, 1987 – the first-born son of George and Linda Rodman. Nick graduated from Holy Cross High School with a 4.0 GPA in 2005. There he was an All-District, All-Region football player, as well as an all-star soccer player. He then attended Georgetown College

The married father of two comes from a family of police officers. His father, George, works in the department’s training division and his brother, Andy, also serves on the force. By all accounts Officer Rodman was devoted to his family. He learned to be a leader from his father and how to be patient and kind from his mother. He is said to have been best friends with his brother Andy and was a protector of his sister Carly. If you need to know how important his family is then all you need to know is that Sunday dinners were all about family. He knew the important place he needed to be each week.

Nick’s devotion to family, and let us not forget his avid devotion to his beloved Cardinals, translated into his life as an excellent LMPD Officer. He entered the LMPD academy in February 2013 and after graduating in June of that same year, Nick was assigned to the 1st Division. Nick always described his platoon as “the best platoon in the department.” He cared deeply about all the members of his platoon and considered them his family. He was excited every day to serve with his brothers and sisters to protect the city of Louisville as the “Tip of the Spear.”

Officer Rodman had served with the Louisville Metro Police Department for three years. Officer Rodman gave all he had in life to those he cared about and that includes all of us, the people of Louisville. Officer Rodman is survived by his wife, Ashley, son, Mason, and daughter, Ellie. “Nick is a hero. He will never be forgotten” were the words of Chief Steve Conrad and they ring true today.

LFD Michael R. Bryan, Jr.

Captain Bryan has been a Louisville Firefighter since March of 1999, currently serving the City of Louisville’s Clifton Neighborhood.  He is a leader and a true public servant, deeply invested in the community; for the past six years he has volunteered his time fundraising for the Home of the Innocents.

His leadership and initiatives yield a yearly average of $25,000 for the Home. Captain Bryan’s service for his fellow man predates his time as a Louisville Firefighter; having joined the United States Navy as a teenager, his decorated thirty-year military career, ten years of active duty and twenty years as a Reservist; saw him serve our country proudly and honorably.

For his dedication to serving his fellow man, the Louisville Division of Fire proudly nominates him for the Hibernian Hero honor.

EMS Angela Rarden

Sgt. Rarden started her career as an EMT with Jefferson County EMS on July 10th 2002. She has been a dedicated member serving the sick and injured in public in our community.  Sgt. Rarden not only commits her time to helping others who have called for assistance she routinely is the first to step up to assist fellow co-workers who may find themselves in need.

  • She leads the way in fundraisers for personnel who are faced with serious family illnesses or are unable to work due to illnesses of their own. One of our own face his battle with cancer to ultimately succumb to the disease.  She and others helped to make it possible for him not only to be off work and meet his financial obligations, they went above and beyond so that he could take a vacation with his family before his disease made travel impossible.
  • It is with this same determination and compassion that each and every Thanksgiving and Christmas Angie coordinates an employee dinner, making sure personnel know what is needed, when to bring in items and she sets up the meal keeping it hot so that those who have to work on a holiday have the opportunity those days to enjoy a wonderful holiday meal.
  • Volunteered countless hours to the Louisville Metro EMS honor guard providing not only comfort but honoring those who have served EMS.
  • She manages the EMS flower fund that employees contribute to so that a small gesture can be sent on behalf of the employees to individuals. Upon retirement Sgt. Rarden ensures that those individuals are in receipt of a plaque in recognition of their years of service.
  • Recently we had the opportunity to watch Sgt. Rarden at work. LMEMS received a call for an injury accident involving multiple loaded school buses, Angie was on the first arriving unit to the scene and rapidly set up an incident command system and coordinated obtaining the correct amount of resources and accounting for the injured children making sure we knew who they were, what their injuries were and which hospital they were being transported to.  While this seems like a simple task, it is only compounded by the anxious parents who arrive on scene worried about their son or daughter.

Sheriff Travis Schoenlaub

Deputy Travis Schoenlaub is being recognized for his fearless acts while working off duty. He responded to a possible home invasion nearby with subjects robbing an
individual while they were armed with handguns. He response was on foot while having to leave his off duty job while remaining calm
throughout the incident. He initiated radio contact with base but did not wait for backup as there was an immediate threat.
Deputy Schoenlaub secured the suspect’s weapon and confiscated
numerous pocket knives and a set of brass knuckles off the other suspect. The third subject turned out to be the victim of the home invasion.
When responding units began to arrive the residence was checked and two more individuals were found and the two suspects were taken into custody. Through his bravery, he likely saved the life of the victim of the home invasion, making him a true Hibernian Hero!

AOH President John O’Dwyer, LMPD Major Eric Johnson, EMS Angela Rarden, and LFD Captain Michael R. Bryan, Jr. on stage with the Hibernian Hero Awards.